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Office holiday party Themes

Throwing a holiday office party is not as easy as it used to be. In an era of political correctness and workplace diversity you have to be a little more careful. That’s OK! The party can still be fun and a good way to celebrate a year of hard (and hopefully profitable) work and to share Season’s Greetings with all. Winter is the perfect theme for your office holiday party. Snow never offends anyone (except when it turns to slush!)Winter Theme Holiday Party Invitations People are very busy during the holiday season. Make sure you get on the calendar with an unforgettable invite. Personalized holiday invitations are perfect for a winter themed holiday party. Make the invitations sparkle by adding a little snowflake confetti in the envelopes. Another popular option is sending personalized ticket invitations. You get to use your own wording, choose from seven colors (we recommend blue or silver) and can order as few as 30. Lanyards and pouches are also available for ticket invitations, so everyone can wear the ticket to the event! Or go with a caricature invitation; it is one of a kind and can't be topped! Include the CEO of your company dressed as a snowman or Jack Frost with all of his or her "snowflake helpers". If you are going to have a theme or activity at the party, let your guests know on the invite so that they can be prepared. Here are a few fun suggestions:
  • Gift exchange
  • Ugly Sweater Contest
  • Cookie exchange
  • Potluck/recipe exchange
  • Scavenger hunt
Everyone will be excited for this office holiday party!
Winter Wonderland Party Decorations and Party Supplies Decorate the party room like a winter wonderland! It's easy to do so that everyone can enjoy the beauty, but not the cold, of winter.
  • Use winter colors - White, silver and light blue are the perfect colors for this party, so use them for all of your decorations and party supplies. Cover tables with blue plastic tablecloths and sprinkle snowflake confetti across the top.
  • Balloons - The best bang for your buck. Make bouquets with an odd number of balloons (it looks better) and use inexpensive snowglobes or weighed down mittens as balloon weights!
  • Banners - You ca go with a custom winter theme banner that has a personalized message, or use a fun snowflake themed "Happy Holidays" jointed banner.
  • Lights - Hang a few strings of blinking, twinkling white lights around the party space and dim the overhead lights a bit to give the room a winter glow.
  • Winter Table Decor - It's easy to decorate the tables and the buffet with these winter theme table decorations
  • No Melt Snowballs - Create decorative snowballs that won't melt inside. Purchase Styrofoam balls and white glitter from the craft store. Brush the Styrofoam with a liberal amount of clear or white glue, and roll the ball in the glitter. Let it dry overnight. Pile the snowballs in glass bowls or plastic pails for a fun and inexpensive decoration!
  • Spray snow - if your party room or break room has any glass surfaces decorate them with a can of spray snow. It will make everyone feel festive, and you can write out a holiday greeting or even make a snowman!
  • Winter Photo Op - Set up an area where everyone can take a fun holiday photo! You can use a Snowman Photo Op, or set up a backdrop with a winter scene setters and give everyone hats, scarves and mittens to wear in the pictures.
  • The Smells of Winter - Pine, peppermint or spice scented candles will make the room smell as well as look like winter, so place them liberally around the room.
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