The Perfect Holiday Office

Holiday office party ideas

Tired of throwing a traditional holiday party for your employees? You know, those that involve appetizers, drinks, and standing around conversing? If you are the boss or in charge of your office’s party planning committee, now is the perfect time to flex your authority muscle and throw an “outside the box” holiday party this year.

Most work places are notorious for unhealthy eating and offer little in the way of physical activity. By being innovative and creative and offering healthier alternatives for employees, you can cut down on company costs for sick and absent days and improve the health of your employees. It’s just one day, one party, but by helping them to create good habits, you can make for more efficient employees.

Here are some interesting and exciting ways to ring in the holiday season, help your employees have a good time, and encourage healthy movement.

Ice Skating – Bundle up and hit the ice with your co workers. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Paint Ball – Split your employees into two teams and set them free paint balling each other! Award points for creative categories – who is the first to target the boss, who ends up with the least amount of paint, who hides in the most creative manner?

Martial Arts/Self Defense – Contact your local gym. If you have enough interest, you might be able to have a couple of instructors go over the basics of ground and standing defense – give your employees the gift of self defense for the holidays!

Race to the Finish – This time of year, many communities offer road races. After participating in the race, take your co workers and go for frozen yogurt!

In addition to making your party an active one, why not mix up the menu as well? Instead of the trite (and overdone!) drinks and appetizers, try one of these options on for size:

Soup Bar – Soup can be a great choice for a healthy food, or it can be a diet disaster. Instead of cream based soups, look for broth based, and load them up with veggies. is an especially delicious party choice!

– Set up a table with fat free refried beans, spiced, sauteed chicken breast strips, low fat cheddar cheese and an assortment of chopped veggies. Provide fat free tortillas, corn tortillas and low fat chips. Don’t forget the !

Chocolate Fondue Station – I know, it sounds decadent, but if your dippers are fruit on skewers and healthier choices like marshmallows (which are fat free) and low fat graham crackers, you can get away with melted, which is heart healthy.

One other fantastic way to celebrate the holidays is to arrange for a department wide soup kitchen or Toys for Tots drive. Helping the less fortunate among us feels great, no matter how you slice it.

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